TRANSHEQ is a well established, privately owned company, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We Specialise in providing expertise in the realm of Safety, Health, Environment, We also provided management systems with a specific focus on SHEQ management, Dangerous Goods and Legal Compliance and specialise in the road transport and warehousing sectors.

SQAS (Safety Quality Assessments System) auditing and implementation is something we are particularly passionate about and we view ourselves as specialists within this field being a CAIA accredited SQAS-Africa auditor.

Cyanide transportation and storage consulting is also a passion being an International Cyanide Management Institute (ICMI) accredited Cyanide Code road transport auditor.

We are proud to say that we service a wide array of national and international customers.

TRANSHEQ is a Level 4, in terms of the BBBBEE codes of good practice.


Legal and safety compliance auditing of road transport operations against the applicable road traffic legislation including the transportation of dangerous goods.

Auditing of transport operators for Safety Quality Assessment System (SQAS) compliance against the SQAS AFRICA audit protocol.

Auditing of warehouse operations for Safety Quality Assessment System (SQAS) compliance against the SQAS AFRICA audit protocol.

Preparing road transport operators for Safety Quality Assessment System (SQAS) audit process and carrying out pre audits of operators in preparation for SQAS AFRICA audits.

Implementation of the RTMS Road Transport Management System into transport operations.

Preparing and training of road transport operators for RTMS audit process and  pre audits of operators in preparation for RTMS audits.

Review of existing health and safety systems to evaluate effectiveness and compliance with required legal and other requirements.

Consulting and training services in connection with the transportation of dangerous goods by road including vehicle design standards, labeling, training and operational requirements.

Transport Route Risk Assessments and route surveys identifying specific hazards, dangers and security issues.

Load securing technique evaluations, training and consulting in load dynamics and practical load securing methods against local and international standards including Incident investigations relating to load securement failures for road, rail and containerised cargo.

Accident and incident investigations and Root Cause Analysis and reporting.

Through associations with other service providers can also provide amongst other services Driver Training, Environmental Legal Registers, Environmental Legal Compliance audits, ISO 9001; ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 audits as well as Hazmat incident consultation, fire incident investigations, soil and water remediation consultation and asbestos contractor consultation.


Cargo Carriers Limited – Road transport, dangerous goods and SHEQ consulting

Chemical and Allied Industries Association (CAIA) – Dangerous goods, chemical transport, chemical handling and road transport consultant

Sasol Limited - Sasol Shared Services (Pty) Ltd. Dangerous Goods vehicle design and legal compliance and staff training on legal compliance requirements for the transport of dangerous goods

Sasol Limited - Sasol Base Chemicals, RTMS pre-auditing

N3 Toll Concession (Pty) Ltd –Training of Law Enforcement officers in the application and policing of Dangerous Goods legislation on the N3 route

Shangoni Management Services (Pty) Ltd – Rotran Fleet management, abnormal loads, SQAS, OHSAS 18001 and legal compliance internal audits

Shangoni Management Services (Pty) Ltd – Rotran Bethal Coal haulage operations RTMS internal audit and legal compliance internal audit

ROSE Foundation – Transport consulting and Used Oil Collector compliance auditing

Manline Transport Group – SQAS management system consulting , internal auditing and external auditing

Zimbulk Tankers (Pty) Ltd – SHEQ and SQAS management system consulting

Reinhardt Transport Group including Chrome Carriers RTMS system internal auditing

Imperial Cargo Solutions – RTMS training and internal auditing

Unitrans Supply Chain Solutions - RTMS training and internal auditing and technical reviews

SQAS SA management system auditing at numerous chemical and petroleum distribution and transport companies’ throughout SADAC region

Unitrans Supply Chain Solutions - SQAS auditing through Southern Africa




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